2018 Summer Dance Camps

TSD Summer Camp Moana EMAIL HEADER

TSD Summer Camp Descendant EMAIL HEADER


BE MOANA  (AGES 3-6)  10:00AM - 12:00PM

June 25th - 29th  &  July 16th - 20th

Come sail away with us to Motunui and celebrate the journey of Moana restoring the heart of Te Fiti! We invite all dancers ages 3-6 to join us as we dance to a new Moana song each day in preparation for our end of week performance.

Be Moana Princess Dance Camp includes lessons in tap, ballet, and jazz dancing. There is also a Moana-themed craft each day. Make sure to reserve your spot early, we don’t want any bad tides holding up your journey. Spots are filling up fast!


DESCENDANTS (AGES 6-10)  1:00PM - 3:00PM

June 25th - 29th  &  July 16th - 20th

Don’t miss out on Chillin like a Villain at our Descendants Dance Camp this summer! Dancers ages 6-10 learn there are so many Ways to be Wicked and so many ways to dance!

Descendants Dance Camp includes jazz, hip hop, tap and lyrical dancing. Dancers also create a daily Descendants-themed craft used during their performance at Mal’s Cotillion Ceremony. Don’t let your dancer miss out on their only chance to be Rotten to the Core and sign up today!