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Hip Hop/Jazz I-II 

This beginner program allows student to take the 2 most popular forms of dance in one class. The Hip Hop I-II class teaches fundamental jazz steps and combines the element of hip hop moves and contemporary music. We have found that the combination of jazz and hip hop is ideal for this age. Students learn the necessary elements of jazz which are crucial to success in hip hop, but also get to learn hip hop moves which require the coordination and balance learned from jazz. When students complete this class they are ready to progress to the next level which introduces more complex moves and routines. Class length is 45 minutes, 1 time per week. Ages 6-10 years.

Hip Hop/Jazz III 

These are hip hop classes for 11-15 year old students. These students are developed and coordinated enough to learn the hip hop moves and routines without any jazz training or background. Class length is 45 minutes, 1 time per week