2021 - 2022 Dance Classes Fee Schedule

Annual Registration Fee: $40.00


Our studio is set up on a monthly payment plan for 10 months. (Classes run August 21st - June 4th)  Your monthly payments include Spring Recital Costume and HD Download of Spring Recital and are billed August 15th - May 15th.


*Monthy tuition is based on the average of 3.5 classes per month.  You are not paying for scheduled school vacations and holidays.  We bill 10 times with equal amounts to help your family budget.  


30 Minute Dance Classes - 10 Payments of $52.50 (August 15 - May 15)

45 Minute Dance Classes - 10 Payments of $62.50 (August 15 - May 15)

60 Minute Dance Classes - 10 Payments of $72.50 (August 15 - May 15)



Discount for additional Students/Classes 
2nd Class per Week - $6.00 per month discount 
3rd Class per Week - $8.00 per month discount


Payment Plan Options
1. Charge Card/Debit Card automatic payment: With your written permission, we will charge your tuition to your Mastercard, Discover or Visa effective on the first of each month.